Lobbyist Disclosure & Information


Thank you for visiting the Lobbyist Disclosure and information page of the Florida House of Representatives. Rule 17 of the Rules of the Florida House outlines specific requirements for lobbyists. Before lobbying the House on any issue, lobbyists are required to file an electronic notice of appearance that identifies the specific matter and each principal represented. Please log in to file a notice of appearance.

Transparency promotes accountability. You can identify which lobbyists and principals are seeking to influence proposed legislation by searching the Lobbyist appearance records using the online search tool below.

For further assistance, please contact the House Public Integrity & Ethics Committee at 850 717-4881 or LobbyistDisclosure@myfloridahouse.gov.

Lobbyist House Appearances Search

Use the criteria above to find Lobbyist House Appearances Records.

The Lobbyist First and Last Name will only bring back records that have values that start with the value in those fields.

Bill Number will take a number and return any records for that bill number for any session in the given year.

The fields Firm and Principal will only bring back records that match their text exactly. To assist you the field will start to offer autocomplete suggestions after 3 characters have been entered in the field.

The Issue field will bring back records where the issue contains the phrase in the text field.