Floor Vote for

Bill Number: 0703
Date: Tuesday, January 09, 2024
Reading #: 2
Barcode #: NA
Sequence: 530
In the Chair: Clemons
Floor Actions: Adoption

  • - Abbott
  • Y Altman
  • Y Alvarez
  • Y Amesty
  • Y Anderson
  • - Andrade
  • N Antone
  • N Arrington
  • Y Baker
  • Y Bankson
  • Y Barnaby
  • N Bartleman
  • Y Basabe
  • Y Bell
  • Y Beltran
  • N Benjamin
  • Y Berfield
  • Y Black
  • Y Borrero
  • Y Botana
  • Y Brackett
  • N Bracy Davis
  • Y Brannan
  • Y Buchanan
  • Y Busatta Cabrera
  • N Campbell
  • Y Canady
  • Y Caruso
  • N Casello
  • N Cassel
  • Y Chamberlin
  • N Chambliss
  • Y Chaney
  • Y Clemons
  • N Cross
  • N Daley
  • N Daniels
  • N Driskell
  • Y Duggan
  • N Dunkley
  • N Edmonds
  • N Eskamani
  • Y Esposito
  • Y Fabricio
  • Y Fine
  • - Franklin
  • N Gantt
  • Y Garcia
  • Y Garrison
  • Y Giallombardo
  • Y Gonzalez Pittman
  • Y Gossett-Seidman
  • N Gottlieb
  • Y Grant
  • Y Gregory
  • - Griffitts
  • N Harris
  • N Hart
  • - Hinson
  • Y Holcomb
  • N Hunschofsky
  • Y Jacques
  • N Joseph
  • Y Killebrew
  • Y Koster
  • Y LaMarca
  • Y Leek
  • N López, J.
  • Y Lopez, V.
  • Y Maggard
  • Y Maney
  • Y Massullo
  • Y McClain
  • Y McClure
  • Y McFarland
  • Y Melo
  • Y Michael
  • Y Mooney
  • N Nixon
  • Y Overdorf
  • Y Payne
  • Y Perez
  • Y Persons-Mulicka
  • Y Plakon
  • Y Plasencia
  • Y Porras
  • N Rayner
  • Y Redondo
  • Y Renner
  • Y Rizo
  • Y Roach
  • N Robinson, F.
  • Y Robinson, W.
  • Y Rommel
  • Y Roth
  • Y Rudman
  • Y Salzman
  • Y Shoaf
  • N Silvers
  • Y Sirois
  • N Skidmore
  • Y Smith
  • Y Snyder
  • Y Stark
  • Y Steele
  • Y Stevenson
  • N Tant
  • Y Temple
  • Y Tomkow
  • Y Trabulsy
  • Y Tramont
  • Y Truenow
  • Y Tuck
  • N Valdés
  • N Waldron
  • N Williams
  • N Woodson
  • Y Yarkosky
  • - Yeager
Total Yeas: 80
Total Nays: 33
Total Abstained: 0
Total Missed: 6
Total Votes: 113

Vote After Roll Call:


  • Abbott
    01/10/2024 11:04:04 AM
  • Andrade
    01/09/2024 04:23:19 PM
  • Griffitts
    01/11/2024 01:35:58 PM


  • Hinson
    01/22/2024 11:59:07 AM

Explanations of Vote:

  • Beltran -
    I was not allocated time to debate and so I am sharing my thoughts here. Our national government deserves the same control limiting spending in Florida. For the last half century, the federal government has spent in nearly perpetual deficit. Our prodigal Congress invariably creates debt to be repaid by those who cannot yet vote – future generations. If we do not balance our budget on our own terms and timing, it will eventually be balanced for us. This will inevitably coincide with and compound another national challenge, when our need to spend will be most acute, and creditors, foreign and domestic, will refuse to lend to our government on reasonable terms under those circumstances. Our borrowing creates attractive yields for foreign investors, creating demand for dollars relative to other currencies. This enables currency manipulation by our political and economic adversaries and results in weak foreign currencies, thus disadvantaging American manufacturing. Stated differently, our fiscal deficit crowds out purchases of American products and exacerbates our trade deficit. Interest on our debt accumulated through decades of deficit spending is now itself a fiscal issue. Servicing and retiring the $34 trillion we now owe will be challenging enough. We must stop further increases.
  • Eskamani -
    Under Article V of the U.S. Constitution, Congress is required to hold a constitutional convention if two-thirds of state legislatures (34 states) call for one. And despite what my colleagues say, there are absolutely no rules for an Article V Convention outlined in the Constitution. This means the group of people convening to rewrite our Constitution could be totally unelected and unaccountable. There is nothing that could limit the convention to a single issue, so the delegates could write amendments that revoke any of our most cherished rights – like our right to peaceful protest, our freedom of religion, or our right to privacy. There are also no rules preventing corporations from pouring money into the convention to ensure they get their way. I cannot in good faith vote for this measure, as it could endanger our entire Constitutional Republic and lead to a dramatic re-writing of the U.S. Constitution.