Friday, March 27, 2015

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Sponsored Bills of Representative Larry Metz 

Session :  

Representative is : First Named Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2015CS/CS/HB 41Hazardous Walking Conditions1st Reading
2015CS/HB 197Tracking Devices or Tracking ApplicationsNow in Judiciary Committee
2015CS/CS/HB 649Surveillance by a Drone1st Reading
2015CS/HB 1063Government Accountability1st Reading
2015CS/HB 1155Special DistrictsNow in Local & Federal Affairs Committee
2015CS/HB 1199Damages in Personal Injury ActionsNow in Judiciary Committee
2015HB 5201Juvenile Detention CostsAdded to Second Reading Calendar

Representative is : Co Sponsor (by rule)

SessionBill NumberSubjectBills Last Event
2015CS/HB 7003Water Resources03/18/15 S On Committee agenda-- Environmental Preservation and Conservation, 03/18/15, 4:00 pm, 37 Senate Office Building --Discussed/Workshop
2015HR 9005Navy Reserve Centennial DayAdopted
2015HR 9011Florida National Guard DayAdopted by Publication
2015HR 9017Major General Emmett R. Titshaw, Jr.Adopted
2015HR 9027Springs Protection Awareness MonthAdopted by Publication

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